ADS und Hyper-V

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ADS und Hyper-V

Nach der Installation der Datenbank "Advantage Database Server" starten keine virtuellen Maschinen mehr. ADS reserviert auf dem Hostserver standardmäßig die Hälfte des verfügbaren RAM's. Diesen kann man aber per Registry Key limitieren.
Provisorische Lösung: Dienst ADS (Advantage Database Server) stoppen, dann die virtuellen Maschinen starten und dann den ADS Dienst wieder starten.
Langlebige Lösung Speicher limitieren: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Advantage\Configuration\MAX_CACHE_MEMORY (DWORD) (Wert in MB eintragen)


Problem Description:

On a 64-bit system running Hyper-V, Windows Virtual PC or VMWARE, if the ADS is installed on the host OS and the ADS service is running, a child partition/virtual machine may fail to start. An error is given indicating that the memory has already been allocated. This occurs even if Advantage has no tables currently open. In addition, this may apply to other applications with large memory requirements as well.


The cause is ADS' cache allocation. By default, 64-bit ADS will use up to 50% of the available physical memory for its cache. The memory is not actually in use until the indexes and temporary files are read into it, but Hyper-V still sees the memory as allocated, so it won't start a partition that requires more than the remaining memory. 
Add or modify the registry setting 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Advantage\Configuration\MAX_CACHE_MEMORY (DWORD) 
Quelle: FAQ - Advanatage Database Server