Fehler 6610

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Fehler 6610

Problem Description:

A 6610 error is returned when connecting from one application, however other applications that connect to Advantage appear to work correctly. In this specific case the versions of the Advantage Client DLLs were different between the two applications.


A customer found that the IP Stack for the client PC was corrupted. The customer determined that re-installing TCP/IP resolved the issue.


To re-install TCP/IP on a Windows 2000-based computer:

1. Click to clear the TCP/IP check box from all dial-up connections and all LAN connections in the Network and Dial-up Connections tool.

2. Install another protocol (NWlink or NetBEUI) to maintain a placeholder for each connection.

3. Restart your computer.

4. Reinstall TCP/IP, and then restart your computer.


To re-install TCP/IP on Windows XP/2003-based computer:

(source = http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B317518&x=10&y=8)

1. Open a command prompt.

2. Execute the command (without the quote marks) "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt"

3. Restart the computer.